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Regardless of how you found yourself at the end of a relationship, legal guidance is necessary to ensure that your divorce is handled properly. Our team can help you cope with the stress, manage the complex legal maze, and protect you, your children, and your property. Let our team be part of your team. Call or schedule a free consultation now.


Let us help you protect your interest as a parent. Putting your children first, we will negotiate the best possible settlement for your situation. Our office will help you structure parenting time, as well as legal and physical custody, so your children experience the least amount of disruption in their lives. We will guide you through the process and stand with you during and after the court proceeding is over.

Moreover, calculation of child support is complex and confusing. We can help you reach a fair solution so your children’s needs are met, allowing you to find a new normal. Our office has the experience required and the attention to detail to fight for your interests. Don’t go into divorce court without us.


As a grandparent denied contact with your grandchild, your rights are limited, but it may be worth the fight. If you can show that contact with you is in the best interest of your grandchild, we may be able to either negotiate a solution or win in court. Come in, sit down, and we can talk about your situation.


Adoption is a complicated and overwhelming process. Not only do you have to navigate paperwork, home visits, social workers, and courts, but you are building a loving, trusting relationship with a new member of your family Allow us to help you through the process of making your family bigger. Let us sweat the details while you become Mom and Dad.

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