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Creating a Thorough Plan for Your Assets

A trust is a legal entity which allows you to transfer wealth from yourself to one or more people or other entities. If you have specific property or financial assets that you wish to leave to family members after your death, establishing a trust with your loved ones as the beneficiaries is an excellent idea. Creating a trust has many benefits, including avoiding the liabilities of leaving large sums of money in a will and allowing your family to avoid becoming frustrated or confused after your death.

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How Does a Trust Work?

The person who creates the trust in their name is called a Grantor. A trustee is an individual who is in charge of managing or controlling the trust. They hold the legal title to any property within the trust, such as vehicles or property. Within the trust, the beneficiaries are very clearly named and it lays out which beneficiaries get what property or assets. The trustee can never use the property or assets for their own benefit but only for the beneficiaries' benefit.

A few reasons you may wish to establish a trust include:

  • Having control over your asset distribution
  • Qualifying for Medicaid in the future
  • Protecting assets for future access
  • Avoiding state and federal estate taxes
  • Reducing gift taxes
  • Providing for incapacitated or minor children
  • Streamlining the probate process
  • Avoiding the hassle of probate
  • Protecting your personal financial affairs
  • Helping to avoid disputes regarding your assets

Trusted Allen County Estate Planning Lawyer

Trusts are not just for people who are in the top percentile of the wealthy class. If you have assets and property you have worked for, you can benefit from a trust. As stated above, having a trust in place has many advantages, including when and how your loved ones will receive your property, as well as who will be responsible for your assets. This valuable tool should be used in coordination with other estate planning tools. Our Fort Wayne trusts lawyer at The Law Office of Jon J. Olinger, LLC can work with you and address any needs you may have to establish a trust.

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