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Your family’s future is important. While no one likes thinking about their own passing, building a plan about how to provide for your family following your passing is crucial.

At The Law Office of Jon J. Olinger, LLC, our Fort Wayne estate planning attorney can help you get started early on your plan and have all the complications and nuances worked out before their use becomes crucial. We have the insights and understanding to ensure you take care of the important things so your family can thrive after you are gone.

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How an Estate Planning Lawyer Can Help You

There are many details involved in each family. For example, some children may understand how to handle money better than others. Sometimes there are children that need extra care and will require more money to fund it. These and many other issues can be uncovered with the help of an estate planning lawyer with experience. You may feel you can draft a will on your own, but with our help, you could save time and money later on from not having to modify the draft as much.

We have helped clients with many estate planning needs, such as:

  • Estates: Ensure all your family’s assets are protected before your passing and avoid having the courts liquidate your property
  • Trusts: To protect your assets, it can sometimes be necessary to build trusts that contain special instructions laying out how the money to be used
  • Wills: Assign how your estate will be managed. Let our experienced team help

What Is the Main Purpose of Estate Planning?

Estate planning is intended to protect your estate (property and assets) upon your death by predesignating who will inherit what parts of your estate. An estate plan also outlines exactly who is to administer your estate and how they are to do it. Estate plans can also protect your legacy while you're still living in the form of a trust.

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With years of legal experience, our team has in-depth knowledge and insights to help you effectively plan for your family’s future and protect your interests. We stand ready to answer your questions and help you take the necessary steps to ensure your family is provided for.

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