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Curious About Clearing Your Criminal Record?

In addition to the immediate criminal penalties of an arrest or conviction, having a record can affect your life in many negative ways. Your personal life and reputation may be damaged by a crime on your record, even if you were never convicted. This could serve as a red flag to employers, bankers, and other individuals that you are not a good candidate.

At The Law Office of Jon J. Olinger, LLC, our team is here to help you explore expungement and get a fresh start. Once you have successfully expunged your record, your criminal history will no longer come up in your background checks or on your record. The only people who may be able to see your record are members of law enforcement.

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Reasons to Consider an Expungement

You may be having difficulty obtaining employment and similar opportunities. You may also find it challenging to get approved for a loan or housing. All of these things are likely the result of a crime coming up on your background check. Seeking an expungement can clear your record and enhance your life in many ways, making the way for new opportunities.

This may include:

  • Allowing you to obtain a professional license
  • Protecting you from deportation
  • Ending discrimination against you from employers and more

Requirements for Expungement in Allen County

The process of expungement can be complex, requiring a significant amount of paperwork and many steps. Working with a Fort Wayne expungement lawyer can greatly improve your chances of a successful outcome. At The Law Office of Jon J. Olinger, LLC, we can work with you to determine if you meet the requirements for expungement. These requirements include not having any subsequent convictions, the amount of time which has passed since your conviction, and the type of crime you were charged with.

If you would like to learn more about the requirements to get your record expunged, please contact our firm at (888) 488-4005 or online. We offer free consultations.

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